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Medical History Form

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Step 1 of 10: Pharmacist Progress Notes

Step 2 of 10: Patient Information


Step 3 of 10: Lifestyle Information

Do you use

Tobacco (smoke, chew, dip)

Alcohol (beer, wine, hard liquor)

Caffeine (cola, drinks, tea, coffee)

Impairments ( check all that apply )

Do you exercise regularly?

Do you practice stress management techniques?

Are you pregnant?

Diet: Describe your daily typical food intake:

Step 4 of 10: Doctor Information

Are you currently under the care of a physician?

If yes, please list each doctor from who you seek care, including address and phone.

Step 5 of 10: Snap Caps

I requested my prescription be dispensed in a
NON-CHILD PROOF container.


Step 6 of 10: Allergies

Please check all that apply

Step 7 of 10: Over-the-Counter (OTC) Issues

Indicate which of the following conditions you occasionally or regulary treat with non-prescription (OTC) medications, herbals, vitamin/mineral, or homeopathic remedies:

Please check all products you are use occasionally or regularly:

Please identify and list the products you are using:

Step 8 of 10: Medical Conditions/Disease

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Step 9 of 10: Prescription Medications

Please list all prescription medications you are currently using that were not obtained at this pharmacy. Be sure to include any mail order or physicians samples. We will manually check these against any prescription medications you obtain here for possible interactions.

Step 10 of 10: Hormone Replacement Therapy Patient Information Sheet

Have you experienced any of the following symptoms recently? Please circle the number that best describes your experiences, with one being Extremely Mild and ten being Extremely Severe.

1. Sleep Disruptions
2. Fatigue
3. Vaginal Dryness
4. Irritability
5. Nervousness
6. Breast Tenderness
7. Hot Flashes
8. Dry Skin
9. Mood Swings
10 Arthritis
11.Loss of Recent Memory
12.Weight Gain
13.Decreased Sex Drive
15.Fluid Retention
17.Night Sweats
18.Hair Loss
19.Harder to Reach Climax
20.Bladder Symptoms
21.Cold Hands Hold Feet